5 Bathroom Design Trends That Are Hot In 2023

Over the years, the bathroom has evolved far beyond being just a functional space. It is now a private space where you relax and rejuvenate. Consequently, a modern bathroom needs much more than just basic fixtures such as toilets and wash basins. It’s equally important to focus on the design to create the perfect bathroom for your home.

Fortunately, 2023 has brought a fresh wave of new and creative bathroom design trends. But while it can be exciting to choose from countless new designs, variety can also confuse many homeowners. Every bathroom has its own architecture, décor, and atmosphere, and it’s essential to select suitable designs. Choosing the wrong designs will only lead to your time and money going down the drain, and you want to avoid that, especially if you live in a city like Raleigh, NC, where living costs are already high.

So, to help you identify what’s best for your bathroom, here are five design trends that are hot in 2023.

Wall-mounted fixtures

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to consider the design of elements, including fixtures. While a simple toilet, bathtub, or shower can easily serve its purpose, it will not provide much more. Keeping this in mind and considering current design trends, it’s a good idea to replace your old fixtures with wall-mounted ones. Their sleek design and enhanced functionality have made them one of the most popular bathroom design trends in 2023. Unlike traditional fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures take less space, making even the most compact bathrooms appear spacious. Additionally, wall-mounted fixtures are much easier to clean.

However, installing wall-mounted fixtures is easier said than done. Bathtubs can be particularly complicated to replace due to complexities in plumbing. Trying a DIY bathtub replacement is bound to create complications and even safety hazards. So, it’s best to hire professionals for your bathtub replacement in Raleigh.

Natural materials and sustainability

With environmental concerns growing, using eco-friendly natural materials in bathrooms has become a popular trend in 2023. However, natural elements are not only good for reducing your carbon footprint but also help to create a peaceful atmosphere and add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Not to mention, natural materials can be quite durable and cost-effective in the long run. In particular, you should focus on using natural materials such as stone for flooring. Its textured surface, eye-catching patterns, earthy hues, and durability makes it a perfect choice for a luxurious and comfortable bathroom. In addition, you can also use wooden elements, such as cabinets, to add color and detail.

By using indoor plants such as peace lilies, snake plants, and orchids, you can complement the natural materials and create a theme for your bathroom. More importantly, plants also help purify the air. However, alongside using natural materials, it’s equally important to focus on sustainability. For this purpose, you can use water-saving fixtures such as efficient showerheads and low-flow toilets. While natural materials enhance aesthetics, sustainability in design will increase functionality.

Smart home tech

In a world where technology continues to influence every aspect of our lives, home design is no exception. Bathrooms have particularly benefitted from technology as several convenient tools have emerged in 2023. Smart mirrors are the perfect example of this. These devices serve all the functions of a simple mirror but can also display important events such as the news, show the time, and other customizable information. A smart mirror will also help to create a modern look for your bathroom. In addition to smart mirrors, you can also use smart lighting. With smart lights, you can control the entire lighting system of your bathroom with just a few taps to your smartphone and set the desired mood instantly.

Furthermore, heated floors are also an important component of a smart home system for bathrooms. While this may seem like a luxury feature, it can increase functionality by reducing energy costs as you won’t need to heat the bathroom with a central system. However, regardless of the smart home devices you use, it’s a good idea to get a central hub for better control over several devices.

Soft colors

Soft colors are emerging as a hot trend in 2023. After all, soothing hues create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation in a bathroom. Colors like beige, warm white, and gray go well with most surroundings and complement the décor.

However, using soft colors doesn’t mean you can’t use a diverse palette and experiment with different colors. In fact, you can use all types of colors as long as you choose low-intensity shades. Sage green and powder blue are great choices if you want a more colorful bathroom. According to research, the color blue creates a calming effect. Furthermore, you can further enhance the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom by using soft accent colors. In addition to the main colors, accent colors help to add depth and detail to an area.

Storage solutions

While aesthetics are important parts of design, functionality should not be overlooked. As efficient storage solutions focus on both components of design, they are quickly gaining traction as bathroom design trends in 2023. In terms of functionality, better storage increases accessibility, convenience, and comfort. On the other hand, it enhances aesthetics by helping conceal unwanted objects and create a clutter-free environment. However, it’s best to use wall-mounted storage solutions for the best outcome.

Instead of adding more countertops and making your bathroom run out of space, using wall-mounted storage solutions helps to create an organized and spacious environment. More importantly, wall-mounted cabinets make it much easier to access bathroom essentials as they are fixed according to your height. In addition to cabinets, you can also use shelves to display décor and increase ease of access further.


Bathrooms are just as important as any other part of your home. Therefore, it’s important to understand their true purpose as a place for relaxation and focus on design alongside functionality to create the perfect bathroom. However, staying ahead of the curve and being aware of emerging design trends is essential.