What Are The Advantages Of GPS?

Advantages Of GPS

The advantages of GPS system will save you from going in the wrong direction. Because all know that we require a proper and a correct navigation in life as well as while walking or driving. Who will navigate you correctly? The answer is the GPS system, the inventors have introduced a technology called GPS system to navigate you 24*7. So, the GPS stands for Global Positioning System. So, let’s know the advantages of GPS

What Are The Advantages Of GPS System

So, the advantages of GPS system are as given below, 

  1. Navigation 
  2. Low Cost 
  3. Safety 
  4. Traffic & Weather Alerts 
  5. Military Usage 
  6. Surveying 

Top 6 Advantages Of GPS 

After knowing the GPS advantages you will become aware of its use. Let’s understand all these advantages of GPS in detail. 

  1. Navigation

One of the best advantages of GPS on phones is that it will navigate you. So, the advantages of GPS navigation are that, combined with map technology, it becomes a powerful tool for road vehicles and boats.

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  1. Low Cost 

The cost of the GPS system is very low even if you got it on your mobile device in-built from the manufacturer in the form of Google Maps. The satellites behind GPS are paid for, maintained, and upgraded by the US Department of Defence.

  1. Safety 

GPS systems can be used by parents to keep tabs on their children and make sure that they are safe. As well as it is useful to keep track of the staff members and others safe in certain jobs.

  1. Traffic & Weather Alerts 

The advantages of GPS vehicle tracking system are that you can track the vehicle if there is any emergency, accident, or traffic. It can also save you from the traffic areas, or if you are approaching an area where there is a severe weather event occurring.

  1. Military Usage 

The GPS system is used by military employees when they are setting targets for guided missiles. The GPS system improves accuracy by giving the missile a specific set of coordinations and reducing collateral damage by lowering the chances of the missile going astray.

  1. Surveying 

One of the best advantages of GPS surveying is that you can take a land survey before construction or development. It will only take hours with GPS, rather than days This is one of the best advantages of GPS in civil engineering.  But it has some disadvantages. So, the disadvantages of GPS surveying are,

  • Interference from dense foliage and other structures can limit the function & communication 
  • The survey equipment is subject to failure from dead batteries & malfunction 
  • The GPS survey equipment required a clear view of the sky. 

Let me tell you more advantages of the GPS system. 

Advantages Of GPS In Agriculture 

The advantages of the GPS system in agriculture are it allows farmers to create farm maps with precise acreage for field areas, road locations, and distance between points of interest. 

Advantages Of GPS Tracking In Sport 

The advantages of the GPS system in sports are it promotes focus on the needs of specific athletes and provides better individual development. But, it has some disadvantages. So, the disadvantages of GPS in sport are 

  • Inaccuracy 
  • Lack of local knowledge 
  • Driving distraction 
  • Privacy issues and crime 
  • Commercial exploitation   

Now, you know about the advantages and disadvantages of GPS in sports. Let’s know about the disadvantages of GPS also. 

Disadvantages Of GPS 

The disadvantages of GPS systems are 

  • Signal battery failure 
  • Reliance on UD Department of Defence 
  • Privacy Issues and crime 
  • Inaccuracy

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This article has made you well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of GPS in detail. The GPS system or GPS navigation is essential in everyday life because you have to visit new places regarding your office work, educational work, trips, and many more. If you have a GPS tracker and Google Map then you can travel the world without asking for navigation. This is all about the advantages of GPS system. 



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