What Are The Advantages Of Natural Diamonds? 

The advantages of natural diamonds make them superior to all kinds of artificial diamonds. Now you could guess how important it is to know the natural diamond’s advantages. To know their advantages you don’t need to go anywhere, because we are going to expand some major advantages of these diamonds. Natural diamonds are created under the pressure of the earth’s crust over millions of years, then they are mined, cut, and polished. While lab grown diamonds are placed through the same circumstances, only in a lab setting.

Without wasting a single minute let’s come to the topic which is the advantages of natural diamonds.  

What Are The Advantages Of Natural Diamonds? 

Below, we have mentioned a list containing the advantages of natural diamonds. These advantages will tell you why natural diamonds are so important and precious. 

  1. Rare and Precious Gemstone 
  2. They Hold Valuable 
  3. Rich tradition 
  4. They Boost The Local Economies 
  5. Societal Notations Of The Natural, Mined Diamonds 
  6. Less Energy Consumption 
  7. Largely A Clean Process  
  8. Natural Diamonds As An Investment 

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Advantages Of Natural Diamonds 

You may be waiting to know the advantages of natural diamonds in detail. Here is an explanation of each and every advantage of natural diamonds.

  1. Rare And Precious Gemstone 

Natural diamonds are found in the earth’s crust, but the truth is that a large percentage of the mined diamonds have already been mined through intense processes like the Kimberly Process, along with the diamond processing steps. The demand for natural diamonds is more but supply is low and hence the price of natural diamonds is very high.

  1. They Hold Valuable 

Natural diamonds are very costly to purchase and hence they hold value. Buying a natural diamond is just like buying a new car, and its value depreciates all the time, often up to 50% the moment you drive off with the diamond ring.

  1. Rich Tradition 

In 1215, natural diamonds were worn as a symbol of love and commitment, and this belief is one that dates back to ancient history to the Romans, who used them as betrothal rings. And in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria used the diamond ring to propose to Mary of Burgundy.

  1. They Boost The Local Economies 

One of the great advantages of natural diamonds is they can boost the economy of a particular country or area. Mined natural diamonds boost the local economies through the direct support it provides to the local communities, the workers, communities, as well as their families.

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  1. Societal Notations Of The Natural, Mined Diamonds 

The overall notion is that the real diamond is a natural, mined stone rather than the stone created in the lab. Therefore, natural diamonds are highly regarded and mainly considered better than lab-grown diamonds. With up to 68% of all US consumers of diamonds believing in this notion, it makes sense that mined diamonds are believed to be precious stones.

  1. Less Energy Consumption 

Less energy consumption means reduced carbon emission and it is good for the environment. In today’s processes for mining diamonds, much less energy is used which is less than the energy used for lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, modern mining has been shown to use up to 37% less energy than traditional methods for diamond mining.

  1. Largely A Clean Process  

The diamond mining process is mainly reliant on the use of intense recycled water and pressure, allowing for the separation of the diamond from the rock. So, chemicals are not used in diamond mining. And a large percentage of the mining process today will have up to 83% of the water used in the processing recycled.

  1. Natural Diamonds As An Investment 

You may be shocked after reading this, but it is true that you can use diamonds as an investment. Jewellery with natural diamonds has some of the highest resale values among gems. If you are looking for a rare and precious thing to purchase, buy a natural diamond. They are both called investments but they do not do the same thing.

Let’s take a look at some disadvantages of natural diamonds too. Disadvantages will tell you why are natural diamonds bad

Disadvantages Of Natural Diamonds 

The disadvantages of natural diamonds are, 

  1. They are rarely found 
  2. Very expensive 
  3. Diamonds mining uses large amounts of water, land, and energy 
  4. Diamond mining is carbon intensive 
  5. Mining causes deforestation 
  6. Ecosystem destruction 
  7. Soil erosion 

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Why Natural Diamonds Are Better?

A Natural Diamond has a rarity factor. Generally speaking, a natural diamond will hold its value better than a lab grown diamond because there is a finite supply. The basic laws of supply and demand maintain that as demand increases, especially with limited supply, value goes up.

Are Natural Diamonds Worth More?

In a general comparison, lab-grown diamonds can typically cost 50-70% less than natural, mined diamonds. This percentage difference is based on a few factors.

Are Natural Or Synthetic Diamonds Better?

To consumers, there is no visible difference between a mined or lab-grown stone in terms of quality. The only observable difference is in size and cost and lab-growns beat natural in that regard.

Are Natural Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Scientifically speaking, there’s no difference between lab-grown diamonds versus real diamonds that have formed over billions of years. They’re made of the same carbon atoms, and look identical to the naked eye of laymen and professionals alike.

Do Natural Diamonds Sparkle More?

The sparkle and brilliance of Lab and Natural Diamonds are the same. High Quality stones are identical in look. Lower clarity lab diamonds (those where inclusions are visible to the naked eye) may have different inclusions than their natural counterparts.


While reading this article you have got several pros and cons of natural diamonds over lab-grown diamonds. Why do people buy a natural diamond? As diamonds are extremely hard and due to their hardness people use them for a wide variety of abrasives job abrasive jobs contains machining, carbides, ceramics, glass, stone, turning, milling, grinding, sawing, polishing metal, cutting hard metal sheets, etc. but, these are the traditional uses of natural diamonds. Now, it is commonly used as ornaments and even you now well aware of  advantages of natural diamonds

What are the pros and cons of natural diamonds

What are the benefits of natural diamonds?