What Are The Advantages Of Texting? 

Do you know? There are several advantages of texting in business. And hence, it is increasingly used for customer service operations, opening up new avenues for fast and personalized support. Communications are more organized and effective, bearing better returns by using SMS marketing software to manage conversations and deliver broadcast messages. Texting is an effective way of communication, especially in marketing. Because in the world, there are more than 7 billion mobile phone users. Let’s know the advantages of texting

What Are The Advantages Of Texting? 

Here are some critical advantages of texting for businesses to expand business locally and globally. 

  1. High Open Rates 
  2. It Causes Less Disruption 
  3. It Is Quick And Immediate 
  4. It Opens A Direct Line of Communication 
  5. Many People Prefer Texts Over Phone Calls 
  6. Texting Is Cost-effective 
  7. Responding To Text Messages Is Easy 
  8. Attachments 
  9. Discreet 
  10. No Internet Connection Required 

Advantages Of Texting  

Let me explain each and every advantage of texting to you in detail.

  1. High Open Rates 

One of the advantages of texting over calling is the high open rates. Texting offers incredible open rates as high as 98%. In comparison, email open rates are much lower, as are phone call pick-up rates. This means that a text message is more likely to be read by customers than communication on these other modes.

  1. It Causes Less Disruption 

Calling may be disruptive, as they often arrive with a loud ringing, interrupting meetings, work tasks, lunches, or personal time. A recipient cannot know whether a call will take five minutes or 45 minutes, and if they are busy, they may decide to reject the call. In fact, 90% of customers won’t answer the phone anymore. On the other hand, texting can be opened at the recipient’s convenience without intruding on whatever they are doing when they receive the message.

  1. It Is Quick And Immediate 

One of the advantages of texting over email is, texting is quick and more immediate than email. Business text messages are delivered directly and reliably to customers’ SMS inboxes. No time is wasted waiting for delivery, except in rare cases, such as when recipients are outside their network coverage area.

  1. It Opens A Direct Line of Communication 

While knowing the advantages and disadvantages of text messages in business you should know that texting opens a direct line of communication. Because text messaging is familiar and a preferred channel for many people. Once you have a phone number set up for business texting, customers can contact you by SMS anytime.

  1. Many People Prefer Texts Over Phone Calls 

Multiple surveys have been carried out over the years, showing that customers prefer to receive marketing materials by text message instead of other channels. Marketing emails are also considered an inconvenience by many customers.

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  1. Texting Is Cost-effective 

SMS is generally affordable for businesses. Messente’s text message software offers volume-based pricing, which works out at a low cost per SMS. For instance, it costs just 0.010 Euro per SMS to send 1,000 one-way texts to Canada, which equates to just 10 Euro per month.

  1. Responding To Text Messages Is Easy 

It takes hardly a minute to fire back a text response, which may explain why SMS has a 4.5 times higher response rate than email. There are only 160 characters to use, which forces the interaction to be short, conversational, and casual. Therefore, replying to a text message is simple and not mentally draining.

  1. Attachments 

Smartphones have other technology incorporated, known as MMS so that you can add pictures, videos, and other media to a text conversation. Sending a photo or other media can often convey some things much better than pure text.

  1. Discreet 

Unlike making a phone call, texting can be carried out in relative privacy. Whether you are in a busy office, at the cinema hall, or sitting on a train, it is easy to send and receive texts without disrupting those around you, and what you read and write is not made public.

  1. No Internet Connection Required 

One of the interesting benefits of texting in relationships is it does not require an internet connection so, you can text anytime when you want. You can use text in any place that you can connect to a cellular network, which is virtually anywhere in modern countries. You don’t have to rely on an internet connection.

Let’s know some disadvantages of texting over calling

Disadvantages Of Texting 

The disadvantages of texting are, 

  1. Word limit 
  2. Socially disruptive 
  3. Expectations of instant messaging 
  4. A hotbed for misinterpretation 
  5. Impersonal 
  6. Addictive qualities 
  7. Safety concerns 
  8. Group texts 
  9. Potential erosion of language skills 

These were the advantages and disadvantages of texting

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Why Is Texting Good For Communication?

Texting is a quick and easy way to communicate and solve a problem as agents can often respond to customer texts faster than they can to live calls. Text messages have a higher opening rate than any other mode of communication.

What Is The Main Role Of Texting?

Text messages are used for personal, family, business and social purposes. Governmental and non-governmental organizations use text messaging for communication between colleagues.

Why Is Texting Better Than Social Media?

Text message marketing methods can mean a large tranche of messages are sent within a matter of minutes, meaning it is quick, easy, and direct. So, while both offer convenience, text messaging provides more direct contact for the same level of effort.

Is Texting The Best Form Of Communication?

Our survey showed that texting is the top choice for communication channels. 37.6% of our respondents said text messaging is their preferred communication channel, with 30.2% saying phone calls, 19.6% selecting email and 12.6% choosing direct messaging like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and similar apps.

How Do I Send Text Message To iPhone?

Send a text message

  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Tap. at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the phone number, contact name, or Apple ID of each recipient. Or tap. , then choose contacts from the list. …
  4. Tap the text field above the keyboard, then type your message, or tap. to dictate text.
  5. Tap. to send.

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While reading this article, you have got the disadvantages and advantages of texting in detail. SMS text messages are popular with people of all ages and demographics, even with the rise in instant messaging apps. SMS is familiar, reliable, and accessible to everyone with a mobile phone. And it is a technology that is here to stay. But SMS does have some limitations, for example, individual messages are limited to 160 characters, and anything larger is automatically broken up into multiple messages. Now, you have understood all the advantages of texting.  

What are advantages of text messages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of texting?