Dos And Don’Ts Of Wearing A Pink Formal Dress

Pink is the color of romance, elegance, and femininity. Pink is the color that can suit any girl and make her feel like a princess. Specifically, when it is an official gathering, a pink formal dress can do wonders in making you look cute and classy at the same time. To the boring blacks and monotone looks of official parties, pink adds a pop of color and life. A cute pink formal dress can go well with any formal occasion, such as weddings, galas, parties, and a lot more. Coupling a pink formal dress with subtle makeup, neatly done hair, and a little bit of accessorizing here and there, you can complete your formal look.

While a pink dress is a very easy and safe option for a formal occasion, you still need to pay attention to certain dos and don’ts of wearing a pink formal dress to make a statement and avoid any kind of gaff. The first and foremost thing to do is to turn to the right place to choose a pink formal dress. Hello Molly has endless options for you to choose from to help you pick the right shade, length, and just the right dress for you. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully aware of what you must keep in mind while choosing a pink formal dress to leave a long-lasting impression anywhere you go!

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Pink formal dress

Here is a list of what you should do and what you shouldn’t while deciding to wear a pink formal dress:

  • Do: Select the Right Shade of Pink

While pink is a very pretty and lively color, not every shade of pink will suit every girl. When choosing a pink formal dress, you need to consider your skin tone and complexion. While girls with warm undertones will look great with a shade like coral or salmon pink, those with cooler undertones can easily rock shades like blush or pastel pinks. And for dark-skinned girls, bright and bold fuchsia hues can go extremely well. Similarly, the occasion plays a huge role in choosing a pink formal dress. While lighter shades are most suitable for daytime events, darker and deeper tones are best worn at night. Hello Molly has numerous shades and colors of pink formal dresses, so whatever your skin tone or the occasion may be, Hello Molly has a pink formal dress for you.

  • Don’t: Over Accessorise

Pink is a bold and bright color that mostly speaks for itself. When wearing a pink formal dress, you must keep your accessories minimal and elegant to let the dress take center stage. A delicate pair of modest earrings, a dainty necklace, and a classic clutch will put your look together beautifully without overdoing it.

  • Do: Choose the Right Silhouette

Choosing the right silhouette that compliments your body type is the most important thing to do when choosing a pink formal dress. A pink formal dress should accentuate your body’s best features and not hide them. While a-line dresses would flatter any body type, body-hugging sheath dresses are the ones for you if you want to show off your curves, and a ball gown style is a fit for you if you’re looking for more volume. Hello Molly has never-ending options from the size and sleeves of the dress to its length and the season you’re gonna be wearing it in.

  • Don’t: Go All Pink

While wearing a pink formal dress, it is important to make sure you’re going smoothly with it. A pink formal dress will garner the most attention, as it is such an eye-catching color. So, you must balance out the look by wearing neutral or metallic-tone accessories and shoes instead of going all pink from head to toe and ruining the look.

  • Do: Follow the Dress Code

The dress code is a crucial step in choosing the right dress for yourself for any occasion. Especially, when it’s a formal occasion, you need to be extra careful of the dress code. If the event is a black-tie event, choose a classy floor-length gown in a darker shade of pink, whereas for a cocktail or slightly casual formal event, a knee-length dress in a lighter or even brighter shade will be the one for you. Hello Molly harbors a dress for you for every sort of formal event, be it the length you can’t settle on or the shade.


Wearing a pink formal dress can be an excellent way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd on any formal occasion. By following these dos and don’ts, you can make the most lasting impression on everyone on occasion by presenting the best version of yourself. Always remember to pick the right shade and silhouette, accessorize minimally, avoid going all-pink, and dress according to the occasion when wearing a pink formal dress. All of these right choices can be made on one single platform, Hello Molly. Remember to pay a visit next time you must dress for any formal event.