Get Your Sales Team Up and Running With Salesforce Dialer Setup

A purpose-built sales dialer can improve performance with features such as local presence numbers to increase pickup rates, voicemail drop to save time on repeating messages, and call recordings to enable coaching.

How to Get Started

A good salesforce dialer setup lets salespeople spend more time talking to customers and less on manual data entry. This means more money for you. You’ll need to enable the app within your Salesforce organization to get your team up and running with Salesforce Dialer. Your Salesforce account team will coordinate the provisioning of Dialer licenses with you. The Salesforce Dialer feature integrates seamlessly into Salesforce Classic, giving users access to their existing telephony features without ever leaving the platform. You can set up call lists containing Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and Accounts using a click-to-dial interface while adding call notes and logging calls. You can filter out specific records based on their attributes and create multiple Call Lists using the clone feature to make copies of your dialer lists quickly. This makes it easy for managers to manage the number of calls they want their team to make daily and allows them to keep the correct records on tap.

Setup a Call List

Whether they’re new leads or existing contacts, getting quality calls into Salesforce is critical to growing your business. Salesforce Dialer automates call logging, freeing sales reps from manual data entry so they can spend more time closing deals. To log a call to a lead or contact record, click the Log a Call button on the Lead or Contact record page and select the call list from the drop-down menu. You can also access the Call List tab on the ATS and the Search and Match results page to view and manage your call lists. When you create a call list, you can choose which fields in the records to include and exclude. You can also set a list priority to determine how the records are dialed when added to a Talkdesk campaign. If you want to remove an entire list view from the dialer, tick the checkbox next to the list name and click the Remove button.

Logging Calls

Your team communicates with customers and prospects all day. But, with the right dialer, you can save hours of productivity. That’s because dialer features like call logging, voicemail drop, and local presence numbers make it easy for teams to connect with leads and prospects and automate follow-up tasks. Without automatic logging, it’s hard to know if reps are following up with new opportunities, whether they’ve been able to close the deal, and so much more. Having this visibility into your sales performance is critical for accurate forecasting. With Salesforce Dialer, inbound calls are automatically logged to Salesforce, and you can easily access call logs for all outgoing calls from the app’s call panel. You can also add custom fields to the call log and automate actions through global settings to meet your needs.

Voicemail Drop

A Salesforce dialer helps sales reps save time and effort by automating the process of calling leads and customers. This tool also provides information about the lead or customer on the other end of the call to improve quality and efficiency. A sales dialer also allows reps to create a list of contacts and select which ones they want to call and how many. This can help them prioritize and nurture high-priority prospects, allowing them to close more deals. In addition, a dialer can also provide other features that can improve the phone experience for customers. These include a personalized greeting, customizable wait music, and adding notes to call logs after calls are completed. Some dialers also include a feature that allows sales representatives to remove voicemails from their call lists so they can focus on live conversations. This helps reduce the number of unanswered calls and the associated lost revenue. In addition, a dialer can also offer local presence numbers in 65 countries to increase pickup rates and field incoming text messages with team SMS for more efficiency and flexibility.

Real-Time Guidance

Having the right sales dialer empowers your reps to make more outbound calls without leaving voicemails or getting frustrated by the lack of conversation-based opportunities. Moreover, the Salesforce dialer app is designed to enhance your sales processes by prioritizing leads and contacts so that your reps can first nurture high-priority leads and tap potential business opportunities. Moreover, with Timezone Support in Salesforce Power dialer, your reps can make and receive customer calls regardless of location. The feature considers the timezone of a record (Leads, Contacts, or Accounts) and uses that information to determine the best time to call for each contact. The Salesforce dialer also provides real-time guidance during calls so your reps can ramp up quickly and feel supported during their conversations with prospects.

Moreover, it allows sales managers to reinforce coaching and training during calls and video meetings to improve team performance. The Salesforce dialer is a powerful tool to provide significant returns for your sales team. All it requires is a few clicks to enable the feature within your sales workflow.