What Is An Unfounded Report?

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An unfounded report is a type of report made to law enforcement or other authorities that is found to be false or baseless after an investigation. These reports can be harmful and waste valuable resources, diverting attention and resources from legitimate cases. In this blog, we will discuss what an unfounded report is, how it is handled by authorities, and the potential consequences of making such a report.

What Is An Unfounded Report?

An unfounded report is a report of a crime or incident that is found to be false or without merit after an investigation by law enforcement or other authorities. These reports can include false reports of theft, assault, domestic violence, or other crimes. Unfounded reports can be made intentionally or unintentionally, and can result from misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or false accusations.

How Are Unfounded Reports Handled?

When an unfounded report is made to law enforcement or other authorities, the report will be investigated to determine its veracity. If the report is found to be false or baseless, it will be classified as unfounded and no further action will be taken. However, if there is evidence of a false report being made intentionally or with malicious intent, the person responsible may face criminal charges.

Consequences Of Making An Unfounded Report

Making an unfounded report can have serious consequences for the person making the report, as well as for the individuals and authorities involved. False reports can divert resources and attention away from legitimate cases, delaying the resolution of real crimes and putting people at risk. In addition, making a false report can result in criminal charges, fines, and other legal consequences.

The consequences of making an unfounded report can also extend beyond the legal system. Individuals who make false reports may damage their reputation and credibility, as well as create a negative perception of the community or organization they represent. This can impact personal relationships, employment opportunities, and other areas of life.


An unfounded report is a report of a crime or incident that is found to be false or without merit after an investigation. Making a false report can have serious consequences for the individual making the report, as well as for the authorities and individuals involved. It is important to ensure that any reports made are based on facts and evidence, and to avoid making false or baseless claims that can harm others and waste valuable resources. If you are unsure about the veracity of a report, it is always best to seek advice from a trusted authority or professional.

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Is An Unfounded Report The Same As A False Report?

Reports made in good faith based upon an individual having a reasonable cause to suspect a child has been maltreated but which are subsequently determined by the child protective investigator to have no merit (i.e. ‘No Indicator’ Findings- often referred to as “Unfounded Reports”) are not the same as false reports.

What Is An Unfounded Disposition?

Unfounded. This disposition is used if a reported crime is investigated by sworn law enforcement personnel and found to be false or baseless.

What Is The Substantiated Report?

Substantiated report means the report disposition in which there is an admission of child abuse or neglect by the person(s) responsible; an adjudication of child abuse or neglect; or other forms of confirmation deemed valid by the PCSA.

How Long Does Dcf Have To Respond To A Report In Florida?

Emergency Investigation: Must begin within two to four hours and be completed within five working days of the receipt of the report. Non-Emergency Investigation: Must begin within three working days of receipt of a report and be completed within 15 working days. Family Assessment: May take up to 45 working days.


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